Online Marketing is a trend that can not stop because this year is expected that Online Marketing will be complicated. And change a lot. But it is a challenge for the brand to adapt to the market in this era or not. Today we will bring to know the seven trends that will make your brand in the minds of consumers in the online market.

1. Video is more limited.

Platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Bing have developed new features. For many video ads. This year, the video will be an important and influential content. This means that internet users are more interested in and accepting video ads. In the future, we’ll see more video ads. Viral Marketing marketing clips are also of interest and popular as a tool for marketers.

2. Brand must have app.

Now the rate of smartphone usage continues to increase. The application may be replaced by a website. Because the application can do everything the same. It is also easy to access. And statistics Thai people use the internet on mobile an average of about 6 hours a day. Most mobile applications are used through the application. This is why you should analyze your brand whether there should be an app. Which app suits your brand? And hastily make apps for brands quickly to keep your brand from falling out.

3. When to find!

The use of SEO and pay-per-click (PPC) strategies are gaining in popularity. Because brands will find groups who have never known the web before. Meanwhile There are also people who like personal assistants like Siri and Cortana to find some information. Do not forget to consider this point. For marketers know that now. It is difficult for consumers to type the web address directly into the website. Because most people go to the web through Facebook or from various blogs. They see Sometimes they can not remember the name of the web, but when they want to. The first thing to do is Google, then type something keyword to find your web site.


4. Smartphones will replace the desktop.

As mentioned above, the current rate of smartphone use of people is constantly increasing. By the year 2015, Google has also announced a search or analytics algorithm called Mobilegeddon, which is responsible for ranking websites suitable for use on mobile devices. Websites that are not suitable for mobile devices will be pushed to the bottom of the search. So, your brand must have a website that is compatible with every device. And should develop website to support all applications. In order not to lose the number of traffic to the web itself.

5. Wearable technology and the Internet of Things (IoT)

Wearable technology is also an interesting trend this year. Wearable electronics will make everyday life easier. The concept of Internet of Things is to connect devices and tools such as cell phones, cars, refrigerators, televisions and so on. Can connect and communicate with each other through the Internet. In the future, consumers will become familiar with the technology that makes them. Can control the objects. From anywhere This will make life easier.


6. Advertising will be more expensive.

The competition in the online world is increasingly high and fierce competition. And businesses are paying more attention to online marketing. The marketing and advertising value is higher as well.

From all 6 trends presented here. Each brand is different to each other. Some businesses do not need apps. But some businesses may be very necessary. It depends on the type of business and the behavior of the target group.

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