In this era, the word virus (whether it is a virus attached to people or with Computer) is a word that sounds familiar. But for the word Malware. Maybe it is not often heard. Malware is a short term. The term Malicious Software is a definition of software that is designed to steal data or evade access to the system. Or try to make the machine where the software is installed and the virus is also one of the malware as well. Initially, there are 9 types.

  1. Adware This term may have been heard often. Adware is a type of malware that once installed. There are ads in the program. Or sometimes it’s called opening a web page to pop up automatically. (Do not click) Most of these programs are free! (And free ads)
  2. Bot is software designed to automate one task. We may have heard it in the name of a bot that automatically plays the game, but for bot malware it will be called in different cases, such as Botnets (a hacked machine). DDoS attack or Spam attack for SPAM transmission.
  3. Bug the programmer’s familiar words. Caused by a programmer error. Or even a hacker’s system is vulnerable to hackers to attack the system.
  4. Ransomware’s Familiar Malware of the Year Damage in a Variety of Circles This type of malware will not encrypt the file. If you want to be able to use it again, you need to pay a ransom fee to hackers to decrypt those files.
  5. Rootkit is a malware that can control a machine or access a remote installed machine. And features in the hiding. It is difficult to remove or detect.
  6. Spyware is clearly ticked off as a spy. This will keep the data usage. The machine was installed. Then sent to the hacker. The most familiar is the Keylogger program is a malware that stores all the printing keys that the user typed (most of the screen captures simultaneously) without knowing it.
  7. Trojan Horse Trojan horse is a malware that behaves like a normal program, such as a program to convert MP3s, automatically download images from Instagram to trick them into downloading. After installation, it opens the loopholes for hackers to steal or steal data from installed machines.
  8. Virus is a type of malware that can be copied to other machines through a variety of file types such as Script file, Document File and so on. May be stolen. Make a slow virus or stop working all the time.
  9. Worm or computer worm It’s the easiest malware to find. By way of spreading through the Internet or the Internet through the operating system vulnerabilities to corrupt, delete files, create files or steal data. In most cases, the worm spreads through an email attachment that contains a computer
  10. worm to the contact name of the machine being installed.

To see the type of malware that can be seen to be infected with malware is almost all channels on the Internet. The important thing is to prevent it. By downloading the program from the web is not reliable. Avoid web access at risk, think before clicking for more security.

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