Difference between Mobile App, Mobile Site and Responsive Web

In order to have a site in the present day. In addition, we have to design a beautiful web when viewed on the computer screen. We will have to make the web easy to read and beautiful through other devices (Mobile devices) because today we would not deny that mobile or tablet is playing a role in our lives every day. We read the news on the phone while the car went to work. We open the book while eating rice, etc. Now we are familiar with. “Website on a computer” When moving a site to a portable device, what would we do? Some people may have heard that the web is easy to read on mobile devices, do the App or Mobile site or make a Responsive Web site, which is 3 words it has a different meaning? Let’s see the hub.

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Mobile App

The application program on the device itself. And as we see in Apple’s App Store or Play Store of Android, there are many types of apps, apps, games, photos and other apps. We can make the web as a Mobile App. Examples of Mobile App, such as Facebook, Twitter or Youtube, but the Mobile App is the current disadvantage. The cost is quite high and will need to be applied to all OS such as iOS, Android and so on. In fact, we can display content in the browser on all portable devices without. Need to make an application. Mobile site and Responsive web to answer the challenge instead of making a mobile app.
(Advantages: beautiful screen supports the mobile well)
(Disadvantages: Expensive and will need to do multi-OS support.)

Mobile Site

This is a new version of the site. It is the web with the main body. The design of the function to suit the use on the mobile phone as well, such as the change of the menu button to use more easily. It may also cut off some unnecessary web pages. The only main function is only important and suitable for the web with a lot of functions. I want to display some content on my portable device. In the main section. Need to update the site CMS system “Content Management System” can be developed without a new database.
Examples of mobile websites are www.atimejobs.com/mobile, m.facebook.com, mobile.twitter.com or m.sanook.com.
(Advantages: the top of the main site. Is added for mobile version)
(Disadvantages: only supported on Smartphone. Do not have any screen and do SEO for google to mobile site as well.)

Responsive Website

Responsive web site design is a writing style for display to suit various portable devices. The size of the font will be adjusted or adjusted layout to suit the display in portrait or landscape and the touch on the screen is better. The advantages of it. The results are all in the screen (the best) and the same web.

Examples of responsive website design include https://www.fatmedia.co.uk/
(Advantages: No screen. It’s clear. And do not need to do SEO as it is the same.)
(Disadvantages: Unlike the main site, eh! how)

Many people think that the Responsive Website is the best because it is the only mobile site and the normal website. If we start all over again. If you choose to make a website Responsive website from the beginning, the price will be cheaper than doing one site and make another site normal. But if you have a website already. The site has enough information. Maybe making a whole new site for Responsive is not worth it.

If this is the way to do Mobile Site before it is better to do Responsive Website, which must be structured well from the beginning. And because of the Responsive Website design, we have to look at the look of the site that will come out looking good and suitable for every screen such as PC, Notebook, Tablet and Mobile. So forget about Animation.

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