The Benefits of Mobile Applications


Create your brand recognition because you get an application that is your own, allowing customers to access your business with just one click. Get out of trouble with difficult website access via URL.

Push Notification

Send a message to the Notification Message you want to report. Or promotions to your customers thoroughly. It’s like sending free SMS. Your customers will receive a warning message even if the application is not open.

Increase Revenue

Increase your business sales. By offering good promotions to your customers / subscribers through the Coupon system, there are easy steps to use Coupon Mobile Application.

Member Database

You will get a database of subscribers who use your application. You can use various customer information such as gender, age, relationship between sex and age. Can be used to analyze for new promotions.

New Media

The new channel to interact with customers faster and more popular, such as receiving and using Coupon through QRCode technology.

Report & Statistics

Mobile Application reporting and usage statistics, including your membership database. Or report on the use of coupons in the form of an overview. Daily / Monthly / Yearly And see the history individually.

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