What is Google Chromium Cleanup? This tool automatically alerts you when an unwanted or malicious software is found. And to get rid of it.

Everyday, there is always a problem. If we have access to various sites and pop up a strange pop up to us to download. Maybe make a download for us when we are opening one web page. It is always annoying. When we go to the computer, we often find strange programs that we did not install into our machine. I will have to sit and delete again.

Google has partnered with ESET to eliminate these distractions with scanners and eliminate malicious software on Chrome with the Chrome Cleanup tool to help ensure users’ safety and security. Google Cleanup is included with Google Chrome. Latest Version

Google Cleanup will search and alert. With the offer. “Remove foreign objects with the Remove button”, whether downloaded, activated, or installed on your computer while Google Chrome is activated. It will send a warning message to us later.

And if the settings of Google Chrome were changed. We do not do it. Google Cleanup offers to restore the settings back to the old Google Cleanup is working behind the scenes. So do not interfere. However, even with Google cleanup, it can not protect all. Users should also be cautious when surfing websites.

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