Computer Act 2017 [latest version] : How many sections, how many sections?

           Complete summary of the Computer Crimes Act 2017 [latest version]: How many sections, how many sections, examples of offenses, along with penalties.

           Computer Act or Act (Act) on Computer Crimes The latest version was announced in May 2017, which is the Computer Act No. 2.

           For people who have to use computers regularly or working in the offline world, you must know this. Because if you don’t use it carefully We may accidentally break the law. Today we come to refresh our memory again. Let’s take a look at that. What is the Computer Crimes Act? What actions may be illegal? Computer Act


What is the Computer Act?

           Computer Act is the Act on Computer Crimes This computer can be both a desktop computer. Notebook computers, smartphones, and various systems that is controlled by a computer system as well which is an Act that was established to protect Control the wrongdoing that can occur from using computers. If anyone commits an offense under this Computer Act must be punished as specified in the Act.

           Nowadays, people use computers. Including a lot of smartphones. Some people may use it in a beneficial way. But some people may also use this to harm others indirectly.

           We may have heard some news about computer crimes. Some events caused quite a bit of damage. to deal with these matters Therefore there must be an Act to control it. When using computers is close to us The Computer Act is a matter close to us as well. If we don’t know We may accidentally do something wrong. Without our intention


How many Computer Acts are there?

           Thailand has had two Computer Acts: the first in 2007 and the second in 2017, with the latest Computer Act being the year 2017.

           The main difference between the 2017 and 2007 editions is that “defamation” is no longer an offense under the Computer Crimes Act.

           Because in the past, defamation offenses It is considered to be in violation of the Computer Act, which the law states. unable to compromise So even later The parties will negotiate and accept success. or want to withdraw the lawsuit The court cannot exercise its discretion not to punish the litigant. As a result, many lawsuits are filed in court and there are practical problems.

           To solve this problem, the “defamation offense” was removed from the Computer Crimes Act but was enforced through the Criminal Code instead. Make law enforcement more efficient

Computer Act 2017 [latest version] How many sections and sections are there?

           The Computer Act 2017 [latest version] has 2 sections. The section that concerns the public is Section 1 “Computer Offenses” because it is the section that says What behavior is wrong? Computer Act And what are the penalties?


Section 1 has 11 sections worth paying attention to as follows:




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