Advertise on Facebook with Facebook Ads

Reach your target audience, increase sales, build a customer base for your business on Facebook Fanpage.

      Advertise on Facebook with Facebook Ads. Reach your target audience, increase sales, build a customer base for your business on Facebook Fanpage. Currently, Facebook has 37 million accounts, of which 98 percent of users in Thailand use Facebook through their smartphones. smartphone It’s definitely a pretty big number. And it’s very difficult to reach the right person. who like your products, wouldn’t it be better to let SC-Spark Solution help find your customers with accessible and attractive Content Marketing that comes with target groups and re-targeting that will answer the needs of every Marketing Funnel for your business?

What are Facebook Ads? Why are people using them today?

It is the platform that Thai people use the most at the moment.

There are up to 45 million Facebook users in Thailand.

Every day, there are up to 38 million users using the service.

Get rid of the problem of dull advertising shots, SC-Spark can help you out.

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Strategic Planning

Analyzing, planning, setting targets to hit the mark

Creative Content Ads

Create content that resonates with your target audience. Boost engagement

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Optimization by Expert

Check and analyze the campaign using A/B testing

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Report & Analysis

Analyze the results for development and propose solutions for improvement.

Is your business suitable for running Facebook Ads?

Click to website

Facebook ads that direct people to a website are a feature that increases the number of clicks to the website or attracts people to visit the website in order to generate sales from visitors to your website.

Messenger or Inbox

Advertisement on Facebook is purposeful in message format, and the ad aims to target those who are likely to message us first. It’s best to narrow down the target group to get a truly quality target group that messages us.

Post Engagement

The aim is to focus on engagement by helping to increase likes, shares, and comments. This strategy will make more people see our posts, which is very suitable for those who want to promote products and services to customers.


Conversion format ads on Facebook are aimed at increasing the number of conversions on a website, such as order clicks, subscriptions, and form submissions, making it more likely to close sales by shooting more ads using Audiences from Pixel tracking customer behavior on the website.

Lead Generation

Advertisements in the form of Lead Generation purpose will help users fill out forms without having to come to the website. This helps promote to create more sales opportunities by collecting information from those who fill out the form to contact back, such as real estate businesses, beauty, and education, and so on.

Video Views

Ads in video format on Facebook will promote ads in Vido format and also can collect data on viewers to show our ads again.

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